Paula Carr Psychotherapy and Counselling in Billericay

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral from my GP?
No. If you choose to contact a private counsellor/therapist, your GP doesn't need to refer you. It's up to you whether you let them know.

What’s the difference between counselling and psychotherapy?
The term 'counselling' is generally used to describe shorter-term work around difficult events in someone's life. Psychotherapy is usually for a longer period, more in-depth and more concerned with how a person experiences themselves and their relationships most deeply.

How long does counselling/therapy take and how long are the sessions?
There’s no standard length of time as everyone is unique. It depends on what you bring and what we might discover along the way. I have worked with some people for 6 sessions and with others, who have wanted to make profound changes in their lives, for several years. Individual appointments last 50 minutes, couple appointments are 60 minute.

Would I need to come every week?
Sessions take place weekly - ideally at the same time each week.

Can I really talk about anything?
Absolutely. I am committed to providing a confidential, non-judgemental space for you to talk about whatever is troubling you - no matter how 'bad' or 'wrong' it might feel.

What is the fee?
Individual appointments are £60. My fees are reviewed annually.

What happens if I cancel my appointment?
I have a 7 day cancellation policy, else the full fee is due for payment.

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